Self assessment tool

Instructions: Mark the appropriate coloured circle: Green - yes/to a significant extent; Amber - more or less/partially; Red - no/needs to be initiated
  • Questions
  • Answers
  • Ad-hoc (exploration) stage / Awareness raising
    Are these groups of stakeholders aware of NQF purposes and issues:

  • Ministries and governmental agencies?
  • Organisations representing industry?
  • Education and training providers?
  • International organisations and donors?
  • Are policy discussions about qualifications reform taking place?
  • Are plans for a policy or implementation programme clear?
  • Comments
  • For reflection
    What are the main issues related to qualifications requiring reform in your country?

  • Initial stage / Conceptualisation

  • Have stakeholders acquired knowledge and skills to participate in the NQF development process?
  • Are (sectoral) policy networks present?
  • Are roles and functions of stakeholders clear (described in legislation or other forms)?
  • Is the qualifications policy direction set, in legislation or high-level decision?
  • Are there clear plans for a qualifications reform strategy implementation?
  • Comments
  • For reflection
    What are the main elements of the policy direction in your country?

  • Structured stage / Implementation
    Are approaches and tools available to support:

  • Reform of qualification systems?
  • Implementation of NQFs?
  • Redesign of standards for (vocational) qualifications?
  • Have decisions been made about:

  • The leading organisation?
  • Funding arrangements?
  • Comments
  • For reflection
    What are the main approaches and tools used to support qualifications and qualification system reform?

  • Defined stage / Full implementation & monitoring

  • Are new outcomes-based qualifications available?
  • Have occupational standards been developed?
  • Are qualifications inserted in the NQF register?
  • Is the register of qualifications in the NQF complete and accessible to the public?
  • Does the NQF include types of qualifications other than formal qualifications for initial education?
  • Is the NQF supported by QA systems?
  • Do qualifications reform policies lead to change in the practice of education and training providers or other stakeholders across the system (not only in pilot providers)?
  • Comments
  • For reflection
    What are currently the main issues for qualifications and qualification system reform in your country?

  • Consolidated stage / Independent policy learning
    Does the new system already bring benefits to:

  • Learners?
  • Employers and employees?
  • Civil society organisations?
  • Have curricula, assessment, teaching and learning been adapted to new qualifications?
  • Do individuals use new qualifications for career progression and mobility?
  • Comments
  • For reflection
    What approaches for impact evaluation and self-renewal are applied in your country?

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