Amina El-Alam

Amina El Alam is a state engineer, graduated at National School of Mineral Industry “ENIM” in Morocco.

Currently she holds the position of Head of Programmes and Educational Coordination Division in the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training in Morocco. She is certified in carrying out Work Situation Analysis (AST) and in developing standards of competences, according to the Competence Based Approach (APC – Approche par Comp├ętence).

Moreover she represents the Department of Vocational Training as focal point in the construction and implementation of the National Qualifications Framework in Education, Training and Employment in Morocco.

Amina El Alam has an extensive experience in the development and implementation of training development process according to the Competence Based Approach (APC), in all its components including planning of training offer, design and implementation of training programs.

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