Siria Taurelli

Siria Taurelli is the leader of the VET Governance strategic project at the European Training Foundation.

The VET Governance thematic area refers to the concept of good multi-level governance of the EU. In the ETF work, this concept applies to legislative, institutional and financing arrangements of VET systems; it encompasses participatory governance, notably actors’ cooperation and coordination within each governance level; and vertical coordination between national and sub-national levels.

Moreover, she has been working on lifelong learning through initial and continuing VET, skills for enterprise development, equity and human capital development, leading teams and report drafting. She wrote the regional overview of the Torino Process reports of Eastern Europe in 2014.

Siria is experienced in project evaluation and impact assessment. During her secondment at the World Bank in 2007, she carried out a policy review of the VET sector in Morocco, and worked on skills and skill gaps in the Eastern Europe and Central Asia region. Siria started working on human capital development in context of the EU external policy at the European Commission, which she joined in 1991. Prior to that she developed her expertise in development cooperation while working for a research centre and an NGO.

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