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Instructions: Mark the appropriate coloured circle: Green - yes/to a significant extent; Amber - more or less/partially; Red - no/needs to be initiated
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  • Quality assurance of qualifications

    QA general

  • Is there an overarching quality assurance strategy (or framework) for qualifications?
  • Have measures for explicit quality-assuring of qualifications been put in place?
  • Are the relevant stakeholders involved in the quality assurance of qualifications?
  • Are roles and responsibilities for quality assurance clear?
  • Is there a feedback system for end users put in place?
  • Comments
  • For reflection:
    To create a culture of quality, where the aim is continuous improvement rather than just quality control, what do you need to focus on in your country?
    What is needed in terms of quality assurance to enhance trust in your country’s qualifications?
    How can legislation support quality assurance of qualifications and contribute to better quality qualifications?

  • Certification
  • Is there a standardised way to appoint awarding bodies?
  • Are awarding bodies monitored in a systematic way?
  • Is there an appeals process for certification in place?
  • Can certificates (diplomas, other types) be used both for employment and for access to further training?
  • Comments
  • For reflection:
    To enhance trust in your context, should certification be centralised or decentralised?
    Should certificates be issued by providers, assessment bodies, sector organisations or only public authorities? Or all of the above listed bodies?

  • Assessment
  • Are stakeholders from the world of work involved in the assessment process?
  • Are there competence requirements for assessors?
  • Is there a transparent and consistent approach to appointing assessors?
  • Is there an appeals process for assessment in place?
  • Are assessment tools and methods:
  • Fit-for-purpose?
  • Valid and reliable?
  • Guaranteeing confidentiality and personal integrity?
  • Adapted to individuals’ needs and characteristics?
  • Comments
  • For reflection:
    How can trust in assessment and assessment outcomes be enhanced in your context?
    How can assessment procedures and tools also be used for alternative learning pathways, for example validation of non-formal and informal learning?
    Should assessment be separated from provision of training? Would that enhance trust and quality?

  • Placing qualifications in the register of qualifications
  • Is the procedure for including a qualification in the national framework clear and transparent and identifying what types of qualifications that can be included?
  • Is there a set procedure for determining what level the qualification should be placed at?
  • Is the procedure for placing qualifications in the framework supported by clear and transparent quality assurance mechanisms?
  • Is there a time limit for how long a qualification is valid before it needs to be revised and updated?
  • Is there an agreed format for the qualifications to be included in the framework?
  • Comments
  • For reflection:
    What should be the minimum quality criteria for qualifications in your national qualifications framework?
    How can the framework support and contribute to enhanced trust and better quality qualifications?
    What types of qualifications should be in the framework – formal and non-formal? Should all levels be open for all types of qualifications?

  • Developing (and adopting) the standards behind a qualification
  • Are the relevant stakeholders involved in a systematic way?
  • Are standards based on learning outcomes?
  • Are standards and learning outcomes revised regularly?
  • Are standards relevant to the labour market?
  • Are the standards used as an input for developing/revising curricula and/or contents?
  • Comments
  • For reflection:
    What does “relevant standards” mean in your context? How can relevance be assured?
    How can standards and the process of developing standards support quality enhancement, trust and building bridges between the world of work and education & training?

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